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Royal jelly is the nutrient food with a kind of faster active in daily life, using nourishing body is very pretty good, can complement not only nutrition, and the immune force that just still strengthens person put oneself in another’s position, be first-rate to person body health, bee emperor oar still has the effect of hairdressing, a lot of people come with bee emperor oar hairdressing is protected wet, if be the word of allergic constitution,do not pass, at ordinary times had better notForum of Shanghai night net

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Oar of use bee emperor, the hairdressing effect of bee emperor oar introduces below.

Hairdressing of bee emperor oar

The effect of bee emperor oar

One: Prevent cancer: Foreign scholar thinks, bee emperor oar is the panacea that prevents cancer, bee contains rich vitamin B2 in emperor oar. And should oxidize inside human body and decompose cause cancer or poison, need vitamin B2.

2: Protection is hepatic: The injury that the protein in bee emperor oar, carbohydrate organizes to liver has repair effect, toxic to liver have protective effect. Liver kind material can promote liver rejuvenesce, increase serous albumen amount, enhance immune function and metabolization ability.

3: Defer consenescence: Bee emperor oar has promote get hurt second birth action of the organization, make consenescence is mixed get hurt the organization is replaced by place of new student cell, make functional normalization. Domestic and international not little long life person one of experience, take bee emperor starch namely. Take bee emperor oar to because of,can be eliminated aged the functional obstacle that arises with scar. Bee emperor oar is in defer respect of anile, prolong life to have special effect.

Hairdressing of bee emperor oar

4: Adjust blood pressure, prevent arteriosclerosis: Consider to discover recently, the phosphor in bee emperor oar has the effect that reduces cholesterol character, after because phosphor is absorbed by small intestine character,entering blood, can make the adipose grain of the cholesterol in blood decreases, suspension the cholesterol in blood will not deposit is on hemal wall, so clinical doctor thinks: Bee emperor oar has to blood pressure adjust action, to disease of coronal shape blood-vessel, malign anaemia and sclerosis of appearance of the congee that eat fat are effective.

5: Be good atForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Cerebral beneficial wisdom: The phosphor in bee emperor oar is qualitative kind, steroid and other organic material, right neurological reach the bodyNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Development has very big effect, it is the material of teenage special need. In addition, in bee emperor oarA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Phosphor is qualitative kind, can increase the memory of people cerebra, make mind stable, enhance vigor. Accordingly, development owes the student before the teenager of beautiful, old age and the university entrance exam, taking right amount bee emperor starch have profit very much.

6: Hairdressing embellish skin: Bee emperor oar has the effect of the hairdressing that protect skin, bee emperor oar distributes the hairdressing product that combine with vitamin E photograph, can make facial furrow, acne eliminate. It is normal that the nicotinic acid in bee emperor oar has protective skin function, prevent the action with harsh skin.


1. the dosage about royal jelly, should inspect different need and decide. Children dose is few, daily only 1 milligram. Adult nutrition is beautifulShanghai Long Feng forum

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Look day is taken 2- – 5 grams, the health care that prevent disease makes an appointment with 10 grams, cure weighs disease 20 grams. Large dose is entered after taking a month, can undertake examining, the effect is not apparent person should to the doctor1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Or concerned expert seeks advice.

Hairdressing of bee emperor oar

2. royal jelly contains sterol kind material also is children development place needs, place stomach ” hormone and sexual precocity ” be to have certain amount, children takes royal jelly daily for 1 milligram, and want to be able to arise ” sex hormone ” need day to take 100 grams royal jelly, the amount differs 10 thousand times.

3. takes a way about royal jelly, but direct profess to convinced, or send with warm boiled water take, also but add thick in syrup is used, with morning and evening hollow take the effect best.

4. eats much meeting get fat.

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