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The female of pregnancy cares to her healthy and special ground, because this can affect the health of oneself not only, can affect baby more grow. Some female friends can appear the circumstance with overmuch amniotic fluid, and right amount amniotic fluid is to be darling to offer good growth environment, excessive is adverse to darling health, this moment female can take the wax gourd, gram, ormosia gram amount that will balance amniotic fluid more.

What does amniotic fluid eat to fall quickly too much?

One, the function of amniotic fluid

1. protection is fetal

The amniotic fluid of certain size can is fetal provide older territory, make fetal proper breathing motion and limbs activity are done inside palace antrum, prevent deformation of articulatory and fixed, limbs and fetal limbs adhesion, be helpful for fetal development.

What does amniotic fluid eat to fall quickly too much?

2. maintains the temperature inside palace constant

What amniotic fluid can maintain the temperature inside palace antrum is constant, it is normal to make activity of the metabolization inside fetal body can be in undertake below stable circumstance.

3. benefit at fetal and humoral balance

Fetal and OK support amniotic fluid protects its liquid balance. When the moisture inside fetal body is overmuch, can means of fetal make water emits into amniotic fluid in; Outside abstemious drain off water is being removed when dehydration, passable deglutition amniotic fluid tries to compensate.

Pressure of 4. amortize outside

Amniotic fluid has the effect that balances outside pressure, can lessen the impact of outside force apparently, protection is fetal. Right amount amniotic fluid still can avoid an uterus wall and fetal what oppress to umbilical cord place is brought about directly is fetal and anoxic.

The action when 5. about to give birth

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When about to give birth, the uterus is contractive, heighten of palace internal pressure, amniotic fluid can conduct pressure at palace cervical, in fetal head bursa of the amniotic fluid before before be being shown first, be being formed, inside outspread palace neck, outside mouth and vagina, because limbs oppresses the mother’s body organizes time directly,can decrease too long and the palace neck that cause and vaginal injury.

2, the standard with judgement too little amniotic fluid

Generally speaking, gravid amniotic fluid measures mature to pass less for amniotic fluid namely at 300ml little. The diagnostic level that B exceeds is amniotic fluid index (AFI) or deepness of amniotic fluid pool. Amniotic fluid index is normal limits is 5~25cm, if amniotic fluid index is less than 5cm, can diagnose pass for amniotic fluid little. Deepness of pool of the biggest amniotic fluid is less than 2cm to also can be diagnosed pass for amniotic fluid little.

3, it is what reason causes amniotic fluid too little

1. is fetal and unbalanced.

A lot of a priori are unbalanced, especially urology deformation and amniotic fluid are concerned too less, if congenital kidney is short of, kidney development is kidney of undesirable, much bursa, urethral the meeting such as stricture or closedown brings about amniotic fluid to decrease.

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2. placental function is not complete.

What does amniotic fluid eat to fall quickly too much?

Placental function is reduced can bring about fetal blood capacity to drop, fetal kidney blood is offerred drop, bring about fetal make water to generate decrease, bring about amniotic fluid to decrease finally.

3. medicaments action.

A lot of medicaments can cause amniotic fluid too little, have blame steriod commonly kind medicine of the analgesia that solve heat and changeover of hemal and nervous element are enzymaticShanghai noble baby

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Restrain two kinds of medicine.

4, what what amniotic fluid eats to fall too much is fast

Digestion deformation can cause amniotic fluid overmuch. Should notice to eat more on food at ordinary times delicate, eat less saltyLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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, candy, still have should eat some of diuretic more, if drink some of wax gourd boiling water more, gram soup, ormosia soup, such meetings conduce to remove redundant moisture, also want to notice to must do proper exercise at ordinary times, insist for a long time to be able to get alleviating. At ordinary times1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Also want to go to a hospital checking more, insist to observe the change of amniotic fluid.

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