Li Zongwei world of the 10th go out for a battle feather ball tounament: NOthing To Lose

Elder brother Li Zongwei is holding big Ma Yi in the arms to not be afraid that the state of mind that lose sets foot on case of go on an expedition to pull this what world bright and beautiful surpasses elder brother badminton is itinerary,

World feather contest is performed at will coming 27 days on August 21 this year, in with kuala lumpur east carry meeting feather ball game bumps period below the circumstance, big Ma Yu always is expedited have two a male single Li Zongwei, male Shuang Wuwei only and Cheng of Juan of old Wei Jiang, Liu and Xu Jiaming and one mixes Shuang Chenjian, in Zhou Er late in advance Gelasige setting out prepares for war.

Silver medal of 3 Olympic Games holds 3 world feather concurrently to surpass Wei of silver medal上海贵族宝贝

an administrative unit in Xizang in the Yujilong before setting out the International Airport accepts slope when media is interviewed, the first word says: Nothing To Lose!

Zong Wei says frankly this is him the mood portraiture that world feather surpasses this second go out for a battle: I already tried to contend for world champion a lot of times, can be defeated without what so. The distance leaves now surpass a surplus a few days, we although in advance heads for Gelasige 5 days, but the change that can make is not much already, I can begin from now only preoccupied, the likelihood in discussing an阿爱上海同城

autograph to express with coaches at the same time the tactics of adversary.

Zong Wei thinks, teacher Mi Shiben is new recursive feather always teachs, let him gave Zhan Shiyu contest this to have different advantage: This the match also is mixed bef阿拉爱上海同城

ore a b上海千花社区

it different, I obtain Mishiben’s coach this to come back to assist prepare for war world feather surpasses nearly 5 weeks of time, tactical use also will different上海龙凤论坛


Zong Wei expresses, he won’t pay close attention to him condition and expressional stand or fall, the heaviest if go with more powerful psychology the match.

He says: I won’t think position is good or had behaved, it is the most important that I think it is psychology wants more powerful, everybody no matter adversary is,should be faced. Although my general is in 16 be opposite by force the Tian Houwei of a China, intermediary heat is opposite a Chen Long, but before we are surpassed, foregone path China has 4 players to take part in the match, match affirmation is harder. Already knew the autograph expresses medium adversary like that namely so, can circuit match receives circuit match to go accept a challenge. I will be dedicated oneself prepare for war, discuss the strategy of accept a challenge when facing different rival with coaches.

Acizudi of famous general of car of big sth gives the trick out world of 10 years of go on an expedition bright and beautiful contest eventually dream of champion of one round world, and 10 lucky number that also are Carey of black system minister, zong Wei lends this hope the 10th times go on an expedition world feather sports meet brings lucky: I also hope such, I also hope the 10th times to be able to have different result, bring good chance to me. I can do my best, still be that word, no matter adversary is Chen Long, I can have made the preparation of more powerful psychology, nothing To Lose.

Outspread read: Ballot of bright and beautiful contest checks 2017 badminton ages a result: Dragon of Li Zongwei a surname makes an appointment with battle Sun Wanhu with Ou Lindan world bright and beautiful surpasses 2017 badminton leg time world Guo Yu of bright and beautiful contest takes part in the match list original title: Li Zongwe上海夜网

i: ? ⑹ of dispatch onlying abb? of imperial mandate of Quan of  Yao billows without what I am good the responsibility that lose edits: Huang Jingwei

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