Local tyrant is angry! ” LOL ” player gush adversary has racing bike to wish to kneel down face to face

Fighting yesterday pressure a note of big brother hair that calls sunshine teenager An Qi sauce expressed to produce contradiction with dead declare, declare does not believe this player has many racing bike, if open racing bike,represent a player directly come out to kneel down on the spot.

According to the description of this player, he himself also hits AD originally, and preelection the system divided AD seat to him. But just discharged declare, this player also was to vacate actively the position. We also can confirm this thing through checking military successes:

Data of hand of Nuo of the 2nd bureau is bad, but those who let the position be hit to declare is not him most of the meeting, explosion is excusable also after be being caught so; but describe according to this player, proclaim at this moment still scold him all the time, natural meeting feels very grievance, next state of mind explodes, gush of bilateral each other makes an appointment with reality to compare racing bike to finally. But this player is basked in,gave many picture, do not be short of racing bike it seems that, and bottom energy of life is very.

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