” dark soul 3 ” Steam sales volume breaks through seniority of division of 330 thousand state to be the 4th

” dark soul 3 ” Steam edition put on sale two days, although having such and such a few BUG to exist, cannot keep out a player to love to it as before, the young associate beside the author discusses everyday if where,most is ” black mood 3 ” in happy half alive.

From April 12 Steam edition ” dark soul 3 ” official put on sale up to before distributing news dispatches, sale data had broken through 330 thousand, country of the area buy leading was to discharge the whole world more the 4th, look in the past rise in price disturbance did not affect domestic player truly to ” dark soul 3 ” love, number of on-line peak value also was broken through 120 thousand, very hot.

Whether did you purchase Steam edition ” dark soul 3 ” ? To ” dark soul 3 ” can achieve so right sale result this, besides the quality with game excellent itself, do you feel whether does partial person have the suspicion that follow suit? .

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