Bill Gates talks ” Caesarean times ” game: “I can think way “

” Caesarean times ” regard classical instant strategy game as series, rolled out 2007 ” Caesarean times 3: Asian dynasty ” hind by terminative, but at this late hour still is having countless embrace wholesale. Recently, the Reddit forum interlocution that building Ci than Er in edition piece, the player suggests Biergaici is picked up again ” Caesarean times ” series, this Microsoft author is responded to, I can think way, do you want to a few culture see in game?

” Caesarean times ” was born the earliest 1997, be in charge of making by Ensemble Studios, this atelier was bought by Microsoft 2001, rolled out later ” Caesarean times 3 ” reach a data piece, ” mythological times ” , ” halo war ” . Be in ” halo war ” after the end that make, this atelier is disbanded namely. According to saying, disbanded argument basically is the issue that considers finance side. Later, the staff that Ensemble Studios leaves comprised new atelier to continue to support ” halo war ” sequel is updated. And open last year ” halo war 2 ” be in charge of making by British atelier Creative Assembly, the work with this famous atelier has ” full-scale war ” series.

Of course, this may be civilities of Biergaici only, after all he has retired from Microsoft, but still countless people saw a hope from inside this word. It is OK that perhaps Biergaici gives Feiersibinsai to make a telephone call.

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