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What sunflower seed says is a few simpler it is us actually eating melon seed is preferred in daily life, be in especially recreational preserve one’s health when, chat with the friend eat a few melon seed, it is very satisfied. Of course, this kind of food also should not eat melon seed one-timely too much, also can feel the body has a few otherwise uncomfortable, intestines and stomach gives an issue easily. ThatFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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, does sunflower eat much how be met after all?

Does sunflower eat much how to meet?

Sunflower is planted benevolence protein content is 30% , but with soja, 1000 flowers of ShanghaiFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 saunaShanghai Long Feng forum

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Photograph of lean lean, egg, milk is the content excel tallow with adipose 12%; than the content of; of all kinds candy fat and plant kind grease, because it contains some not saturated fatty acid, among them linoleic acid occupies 55%; Potassium, calcic, phosphor, iron, magnesium very rich also, especially the content of potassium is higher, every 100 grams contain potassium quantity to amount to 920 milligram; to still contain vitamin A, B1, B2; every 15 grams contain vitamin E

31 milligram; is the most precious is the oil in sunflower, kind benevolence oil content is 50%-55% , already became be next to soja to rank second oil-bearing crops.

Does sunflower eat much how to meet?

Sunflower seed basically is not saturated and adipose, and do not contain content of cholesterol; linoleic acid to be able to be amounted to 70% , conduce to the haemal cholesterol level that reduces human body, be beneficial to health of protective heart and vessels.

Rich iron, zinc, Potassium, the microelement such as magnesium makes sunflower seed has the effect that prevents the disease such as anaemia. Sunflower seed is the good origin of vitamin B1 and vitamin E. Eat seed of a sunflower to be able to satisfy the vitamin E that a day of place wants human body everyday allegedly.

To stable mood, prevent cellular consenescence, precautionary adult disease has profit. It still has the remedial insomnia, effect that enhances memory. Mix to cancer, hypertension neurasthenic it is certain to haveNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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prevent effect. Have among sunflower seed manyShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Edible fiber, the sunflower of every 7 grams contains 1 gram among seed, get higher than scale of edible fiber content much. Edible fiber can reduce the incidence of a disease of colonic cancer. Double the content of iron is currant and earthnut among sunflower seed, also can prevent anaemic happening so.

Does sunflower eat much how to meet?

Still have a bit additionally, contain acid of ammonia of essence of life between the protein of sunflower seed namely. Acid of ammonia of essence of life is the composition with production indispensable seminal fluid. Accordingly, at bear period man, everyday seed of a few sunflower is opposite edible body dispute often has profit.

When sunflower seed eats, had better decorticate with the hand. Because use tooth crack with teeth in mouth, make easily debaucjed of tongue, quarrel, when still can saying case, will many body fluid is spat, make slow, appetite reduces taste, cause gastric spasm even. Body fluid conduces to food of cleared oral cavity residual, decrease to the bacterium breeds and ferment, can protect oral cavity mucous membrane.

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