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Everybody prefers time eat iced watermelon, and the person also can choose great majority of drink of this moment choice drink beer, actually these two kinds of food are come up against one case, although won’t make the person produces the situation of a few allergy, but if eat too cool, still can cause diarrhoea easily, and watermelon can see alcoholic drink, so eat watermelon to you can drink beer?

 Eat watermelon to be able to drink beer

1, feed an influence together

Watermelon and beer eat since unwell syncretic, this 2Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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Kind food is cold sex, eat to be opposite not only together taste health is adverse, and still can cause intestines and stomach unwell, the unwell symptom such as occurrence convulsion, diarrhoea, vomiting, cause disease of intestines and stomach more easily for a long time so, and1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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And can bring about body fat Xu Han, very adverse to health. Be in so any be hind should come in avoid this kind to have a way.

2, understand watermelon

Alone use watermelon can bring a lot of profit for human body, eat watermelon to have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop bowel of detumescence of thirsty, diuresis, clear hot detoxify, embellish is aperient wait for effect, still can treat a dry tongue dry, constipation, pass water not free, hotly the unwell disease such as be agitated. Nevertheless watermelon also has the place that wants an attention. Watermelon sex is cold, cannot eat a gender together too much, cause occurrence diarrhoea symptom very easily otherwise, and adverse to taste health. Watermelon has diuretic effect, and moisture content is more, accordingly to kidney function not the patient of disease of beautiful, frequent micturition does not suit to eat watermelon.

3, understand beer

Beer is one of very common drink in meal, but may cause adverse effect to health however, also do not recommend so drinkable, because may cause adverse effect to health. Drink beer to be able to create increased burden to liver, long-term and drinkable cause hepatic disease more easily. Drink beer to be brought about easily still adipose pile up in alvine path, cause beer belly thereby, fat perhaps symptom. Drink beer to still may cause gout, can bring about gouty disease accentuation even.

 Eat watermelon to be able to drink beer

Watermelon cannot eat together with what

1, watermelon cannot be mixed peach eats together

Strictly speaking, watermelon and peach are not cannot eat together, however cannot an excessive edible, eat together may diarrhoea. If the person with more sensitive intestines and stomach wants to eat thisLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Two kinds of fruits, the proposal eats to lie between on one paragraph of small time to eat another again. Additional, watermelon and peach are sweet spend huge fruit, having taste together is not very good, sweeter be bored with, sheet also does not suggest to eat together on taste.

2, watermelon cannot be mixed hotpot eats together

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, it is easy that after eating hotpot, watermelon takes food ” hurt vitality ” . Because pleasant of hotpot sex flavour is hot,this is, and watermelon sex is cold, those who belong to raw or cold food article, the lukewarm filling effect of hotpot was reduced greatly not only after taking food, and taste of be a hindrance to. To having the patient of deficiency of yang or lienal empty, cause taste function extremely easily maladjusted.

 Eat watermelon to be able to drink beer

3, watermelon cannot be mixed shrimp eats together

Watermelon and shrimp are cool sex food, both feed together may stimulate gastric bowelLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Path, cause diarrhoea, abdominal pain likely, do not suggest to eat together.

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